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Welcome to Trailhead!

Kingston’s locally owned and operated outdoor store specializing in quality outdoor gear, clothing and footwear. We also offer clinics, tours, workshops, rentals and special events.

We strive to provide the best, and best value products and services to our outdoor community while operating under sound environmental ethics.


We’re a pretty fun bunch! Want to know more? Some of us are “clickable”; follow more of our adventures on our Instagram feeds!

Our fearless leader, lover of cookies, buyer of footwear and all gadgets downstairs. Has been here 15 years, fave local trail is Cedar Lake Loop in Frontenac and he loves to sit by the fire under a full moon!

Buyer of clothing, event planning, kayak and SUP instructor and addicted to social media. Hiking, biking, paddling, XC skiing, really anything outside with her family; recently crossed a bucket list trip off her list!

The keeper of our books, and the waterer of our plants, she keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. She never leaves home without her Osprey Talon 22, loves to ride her bike and downhill ski.

Soon to be a first time Grandpa, world traveller and all round punny guy. Fave local trail is Lemoine Point, where he’ll always have his sunhat!

New country dweller, buyer of camping and paddling. New Dad that has traded in his white water paddle for hiking boots (at least for awhile!) Loves Rock Dunder, can’t wait to get to New Zealand and doesn’t leave home without his Osprey Escapist 32. Also a volunteer fire fighter!

Climber, stand up paddler, traveler and humanitarian who keeps finding her way back to the store. Loves her coffee, eats bananas slowly, and loves organizing store events and teaching SUP.

A transplant from another independent outdoor shop, she now oversees warranty issues and will fiercely go to bat for you! World traveller, who has only one continent left to visit, you will never see her without her Klean Kanteen full of tea.

Our longest staff member at 19 years! She runs, paddles, adventure races and cycles, and NEVER without a Buff and her Patagonia Houdini Jacket. She has also competed in numerous ultra marathons (yes, she runs, for fun, up to 100km races)

The newest addition to our crew, he likes to jam on his banjo around the campfire while on a good ole’ fashioned canoe trip!

Our canoe tripping nursing student! She has paddled the Horton, explored the Barrens of Nunavut and the NWT and can’t wait to visit the rivers of the Yukon.

She had to take some time off this summer, immediately after being hired to hike the Chilcoot Trail in Alaska with her favourite hiking partner-her Dad. Currently has her sights set on the Pacific Crest Trail

Everybody’s favourite member of our team! Head of security and greeting, lover of treats (feel free to bring him cookies!) If he can’t be at the store, he loves to be on canoe trip. Sadly, we said goodbye to Toby in January of 2018. RIP our furry friend.

We love being part of our Kingston community. It is important to us to give back, both to the community and to the environment. In 2009, we made the decision to stop purchasing plastic shopping bags and our Eco-Award was established! Individuals or organizations with a “Green Mission” can apply for funding from us.



As Trailhead matures as a business and a member of the community, we see ourselves playing a greater role in supporting organizations with like interests. We also believe in leading by example. Hopefully, educating and influencing our staff, family, friends and customers along the way to think about the impact we all have on one another and the environment around us. We are tracking our progress, one step at a time, as we strive to reach our future goals.

Here you will find our pro-tips on gear, places we like to explore, and general musings on life in the great outdoors! If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!