We strive to provide the best, and best value products and services to our outdoor community while operating under sound environmental ethics.

Welcome to Trailhead!

Kingston’s locally owned and operated outdoor store specializing in quality outdoor gear, clothing and footwear. We also offer clinics, tours, workshops, rentals and special events.

We love being part of our Kingston community. It is important to us to give back, both to the community and to the environment. In 2009, we made the decision to stop purchasing plastic shopping bags and our Eco-Award was established! Individuals or organizations with a “Green Mission” can apply for funding from us.

As Trailhead matures as a business and a member of the community, we see ourselves playing a greater role in supporting organizations with like interests. We also believe in leading by example. Hopefully, educating and influencing our staff, family, friends and customers along the way to think about the impact we all have on one another and the environment around us. We are tracking our progress, one step at a time, as we strive to reach our future goals.


We’re a pretty fun bunch! Want to know more? We’re updating our staff profiles so stay tuned!