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We strive every day to be kind to our home and playground by making sound environmental decisions on how we run Trailhead. Check out the changes we have made over the years.


  • First member in Sustainable Kingston to announce our commitment to carbon emission reductions of 20% from our baseline.
  • Actively weighing our weekly recyclables and garbage to assess reduction opportunities and to track our waste.
  • Set a target of growth for Canadian made product sold at Trailhead at 3%
  • Unfortunate update; we had to remove our on demand water heater as it was not heating very well. It was replace with an efficient low volume tank that we further insulated.
  • Converted to lead/wood pencils and away from mechanical that produce too much waste.
  • All computers are set to turn off automatically and screen intensity set at minimum.


  • Began using stapleless staplers
  •  Joined sustainable Kingstons group “Green Economy Kingston” to begin several initiatives including a carbon calculation of the Store
  • Expanded Canadian made brands to our fine group of suppliers to include Message Factory and Paul Brodie Shoes. Trailhead has a goal  to increase our Canadian made selection as a percentage of products sold each year


  • “If it’s yellow, let it….” is the mantra in our staff washroom ( roughly equating to 13,000 L of fresh water not flushed down the toilet per year)
  • Accepting all Patagonia clothing to be upcycled to another life as a garment


  • Converting our compact flourescent light bulbs to LED, lowering energy consumption a further 15%
  • Converted office windows to ones that can be opened…allowing warm summer air to escape and not having to increase AC usage


  • Continue to source brands in Canada where we can to reduce carbon footprint. This year Bluwave Sup Boards, Land Yachtz Long Boards


  • Good one side paper is put back through the photo copier
  • Items returned under warranty are repaired and donated to local agencies where the supplier allows


  • We installed an on demand water heater.
  • Exterior lights are on a timer to save energy, heating and cooling is all on programmable thermostat.
  • We now clean our glass ( which is substantial now) with special cloth’s that don’t require any cleaning products just water.
  • During a renovation in the new store we repurposed the lights ( 40 fixtures) and ceiling tiles ( over 400) and t-bar by donating it instead of dumping. We up-grade insulation and windows.


  • Continue our commitment to abstain from buying plastic bags for merchandise sold ( since2008) money saved from this budget gets added to the Trailhead Environmental Award


  • Establish a Trailhead Mission statement to include our environmental commitment
  • Commitment to Queens grad initiative to reduce energy needs by committing to 12 steps of energy conservation
  • Finish installing energy saving lighting system


  • Establish in store composting


  • Took a stand against bottled water and continue to encourage customers and everyone to use tap water and refill your water bottles.
  • Commitment to suppliers that use environmentally sustainable fabrics and manufacturing technics more organic cotton, recycled polyester, PVC fee products
  • We practice water conservation…….reducing our water needs by 50%
  • Commit to Bullfrog power ( low impact hydro and/or wind)


  • Establish an in house policy that pays staff to letter right on behalf of the environment to suppliers politicians whomever will listen.
  • Install hot water on demand heater 2006 to conserve energy commitment made to keep store a little cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer
  • Install shower to allow staff to commute


  • Committed to 1 bag per week max for garbage sent to the curb…. we have been able to continue to stick to that commitment
  • Put in place a recycling program that saw our curb side garbage reduced by 80%