Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are perfect for those seeking stable, comfortable and affordable kayaks. If you primarily will be out for short excursions, prefer a larger cockpit and are not driven by the need for speed, a recreational kayak is probably perfect for you! Perhaps it will live at the cottage and be enjoyed by the whole family, or maybe you like to take your small child (or dog!) out for a paddle with you. Below is a peek at our offering in this category, before you fall in love with a colour, be sure to call or stop in to see what is available.

Wilderness Systems PUNGO

A new redesign for 2019! Stable, comfortable, best in class performance, the new Pungo has many new features specifically for keeping gear organized. Whether you’re out fishing, taking the dog for a paddle, exploring a quiet shoreline on your own or having at the cottage for the whole family to enjoy, the Pungo won’t disappoint! Available in a few different sizes, for different sized paddlers!

Pungo 105

  • weight 47 lbs
  • length 10’6”
  • width 30”
  • capacity 300 lbs
  • $1239

Pungo 120 (2018)

  • weight 49 lbs
  • length 12’
  • width 29”
  • capacity 325 lbs
  • $1059

Pungo 125

  • weight 53 lbs
  • length 12’6”
  • width 29”
  • capacity 425 lbs
  • $1379

Pungo 140 (2018)

  • weight 58
  • length 14’
  • width 28”
  • capacity 350 lbs
  • $1309


Affordability, maneuverability and a large easy to enter cockpit makes the Zydeco makes for a great recreational kayak for the first time buyer, or one who likes to keep a fleet at the cottage!

Zydeco 11

  • weight 48 lbs
  • length 11’2”
  • width 28”
  • capacity 325 lbs
  • $759

Edge 11

  • Weight 47.8 lbs
  • length 10’11”
  • width 28”
  • capacity 275 lbs
  • $1299


A recreational kayak that glides through the water like a sea kayak, the Edge feature a skeg-like keel for easy tracking and two hatches to store gear. An easy, stable ride!

Edge 13

  • weight 55.7 lbs
  • length 13’
  • width 25”
  • capacity 300 lbs
  • $999

Perception PESCADOR 12

Whether you want a sit-on-top for fishing, leisurely paddling, or simply don’t like the idea of being inside a kayak, the Pescador offers stability, speed and easy tracking for a safe easy day on the water! Lot’s of storage, rod holders and the ability to add more accessories

  • weight 64 lbs
  • length 12’
  • weight 32.5”
  • capacity 375 lbs
  • $859


Some people may say “why paddle when you can pedal?” Maybe you want a full(er) body workout, or a pedal boat that performs better than the pedal boat you’ve maybe taken around the lake as a child. The Riot Mako is really designed with the angler in mind, so you can still move forward with a rod in your hand and features a comfy seat, lots of room for your gear and a rudder.

Touring Kayaks

Touring (aka sea kayaks) are designed to handle wind, waves, long days and and room for camping gear! If you’re planning on exploring Lake Ontario, the St Lawrence River or a bigger lake north of town, and a brisk wind isn’t gong to stop you from heading out, then perhaps a touring kayak is for you! These kayaks tend to be longer and narrower than recreational kayaks, which allows them to track straight (many are often equipped with rudders, or the ability to add a rudder) and cut through waves better. They initially feel less stable, but don’t worry, they are! Touring kayaks are also what you want if you intend on camping with your kayak, as there is lots of room for tents, sleeping bags and more!

Tsunami 140

  • weight 53 lbs
  • Length  14’
  • width 25.5”
  • capacity 325 lbs
  • $1929

Wilderness Systems TSUNAMI

The Tsunami has been our old faithful for many years here at Trailhead. It has been part of our rental and teaching fleet since it first came out. And we love the re-design even more! New storage bags inside and out, a hull design offering the perfect balance of speed and stability, and arguably the most comfortable seat available. Tsunami is perfect for day, weekend or week long excursions!

Tsunami 145

  • weight 56 lbs
  • length 14.6′
  • width 25.5″
  • capacity 350 lbs
  • $1929

Perception CAROLINA

Affordable, durable and stable; the Carolina offers comfort for long days touring your favourite waterways. Lots of storage, an adjustable seat and a large open cockpit, the Carolina 14 is a good choice for the larger paddler.

  • weight  53 lbs
  • length  14’
  • width  24.5”
  • capacity 300 lbs
  • $1419

Hurricane SOJOURN

Our lightest offering in a day touring Kayak, the Sojourn has the perfect amount of stability for paddlers still learning and enough hard chine for those who like to carve and edge their way across the water. Enough storage and comfort to head out for the day, or pack up your gear for a few days out.

  • weight 45 lbs
  • length 13’5”
  • width 24”
  • capacity 275 lbs
  • $2195
  • rudder ready (does not include rudder)
  • weight 47 lbs
  • length 14’6″
  • width 24″
  • capacity 300 lbs
  • $2389
  • includes rudder