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We have simplified buying cross country skis by creating packages to suit your recreational cross country skiing desires! All packages include poles, bindings, professional fitting, mounting fees, FREE straps and glide wax, & a 24 hour turn around.

 THE RIDGE: Our entry level package for all around cross country skiing. Features the Fischer Ridge ski, $375-$390 (boot may vary)

THE SPORTY: This package comes with a more supportive boot, and higher performing ski. Features the Fischer Sport ski, boot may vary $445-$480

THE BACKCOUNTRY: Skiing off track? Consider our back county package, offering more stability and better flotation, but will still fit in groomed tracks. Features the Fischer Backcountry ski, $510-$550

Kids on skis! This package will provide the kids with a positive cross country ski experience! $250


Snowshoes are sold to match your weight and the terrain you intend to travel. Yes, we have a wide selection, but don’t worry, we will help you narrow it down to the pair that suits your needs!

Elektra Montane & Atlas Montane
Heel lift for climbing different terrain. $230

Elektra Rendezvous

Atlas Rendezvous

Echo & Spark
For kids up to 100lbs $100

Winter Rover
Our wood frame model for available in sizes 28″, 30″ & 36″ $135/$145/$162

North Venture
Offered in three sizes: 21″, 25″ & 29″ $140/$160/$179

Lightweight, offered in four sizes: 21″, 25″, 29″ & 34″ $179/$179/$195/$195

Mountain Quest
Lot’s of flotation to carry a heavy load 10X36 $240

NEW! Hybrid Ski/Snowhoe

Faber S-Line
A ski/snowshoe hybrid designed for back country lovers who are looking for a new experience! Great control over all types of terrain. $190

Sporten Free Walk
This ski/snowshoe hybrid features skins on the base to grip for walking and climbing, and will allow you to ski down any hill you find. $390

We offer both snowshoe and ski rentals, as well as guided outings!