We have simplified buying cross country skis by creating packages to suit your recreational cross country skiing desires! All packages include poles, bindings, professional fitting, mounting fees & FREE straps and glide wax ($25 in free product!)

We are pleased to offer TWO entry level options  this season! These packages are great for the occasional skier who is just getting started, or someone looking to update their old, well loved skis. You could ski local groomed trails (Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area) as well as un-groomed (K&P trail)


  • Fischer Ridge Ski
  • Fischer touring boot  + Fischer Turnamic binding   OR the Salomon Escape boot  + Salomon binding
  • Swix Pole

$355 – $395


  • Salomon Escape 5 Grip ski
  • Salomon Escape pilot boot + pilot binding  or Fischer Touring boot  + Fischer binding
  • Swix Pole

$410 – $435

Looking to take your skiing up a level? We’ve put together a couple of package options for the fitness minded skier, although feel free to take a leisurely ski on these too! These packages feature more supportive boots, and higher performing skis


  • Fischer Sporty Crown Ski
  • Fischer comfort boot + Fischer binding   or  Salomon Escape 7 prolink boot + Salomon Binding
  • Swix pole aluminum classic



Fischer is making old technology new again! With Mohair skins on the bottom of the ski, you get better kick action and a smooth glide. Great for hard, icy conditions. The best grip on the market. Period.

  • Fischer Twin Skin Sport ski
  • Fischer comfort boot + Fischer binding   or Salomon Escape 7  Prolink boot + Salomon binding
  • Swix Pole

$505 – $515

A little more adventurous? We also offer a Back Country package great for when you want to leave the beaten path. Featuring a slightly wider ski to offer stability and better flotation, think lake crossings, farmers fields, or your favourite un-groomed hiking trail at Frontenac Park. Never fear, these skis will also fit into groomed tracks.


  • Fischer Back Country ski
  • Fischer Off track 3 boot  + fischer binding  or  Salomon Escape 7 Prolink + Salomon binding
  • Swix pole

$515 – $535

Kids on skis! This package will provide the kids with a positive cross country ski experience! $250

Groomed trails at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Groomed trails at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Twin Skin: best grip on the market. Period.


Snowshoes are sold to match your weight and the terrain you intend to travel. Yes, we have a wide selection, but don’t worry, we will help you narrow it down to the pair that suits your needs!

The tapered frames, superior suspension and women specific designs make Atlas Snowshoes a favourite here at Trailhead. We’ve put together a collection of Atlas snowshoes that will suit your hiking desires in any terrain and any budget!

The Montane is for the hiker who intends to travel rugged terrain, offering a heel lift to make climbs easier. $240 Available in men and women’s specific (Elektra) sizes.

The Treeline is perfect for the hiker who is out and about for long day hikes on variable terrain. Available in men and women’s specific (Elektra) sizes $280

The Access is designed for ease of use on rolling or uneven terrain. Available in men and women specific (Elektra) sizes $210

The Rendezvous is our entry level snowshoe, great for short excursions. Available in men and women specific (Elektra) sizes. $170

Canadian made, since 1870….need we say more? Offering lightweight aluminum shoes as well as traditional wood and rawhide laced snowshoes, we are pleased to have Faber as part of our offerings again this year.

North Cliff is a multi purpose, light weight snowshoe and we offer it in 4 different sizes. $179-$195

The White Venture is the women specific version of the North Venture. $159-$170

You can “venture” off trail or stay on packed, well traveled trail when you hike on the North Venture. $140-$180 4 sizes available

The Winter Rover combines a more modern, synthetic deck and a quiet wooden frame. Suitable for easy, gentle day hiking. $165-$185

The Bear Paw is a more traditional  snowshoe, made of a wooden frame and rawhide decking. $240-$250 (without bindings)

Make sure to check out our Winter Boot selection-we have some great hikers with features to enhance your snowshoe experience!

Don’t forget poles! Poles will give you added support on the trails, and get your whole body involved in your hike, for a higher intensity workout.

We offer both snowshoe and ski rentals, as well as guided outings!