Stand-Up Paddleboards

So, you’re thinking of owning a SUP board?

Brand Model Max Weight Volume Length Width Weight Price

Recreational/ All Around  ( Planing hull)

Boardworks Rukus 10’6 240lbs 224L 10’6” 33” 30lbs $ 1169
Boardworks Rukus 11’6 260lbs 236L 11’6” 34” 32lbs $ 1229
Boardworks Muse 10’6 205lbs 183L 10’6” 32” 24lbs $ 1429
Boardworks Kraken 10’3 240lbs 200L 10’3” 34” 28lbs $ 1689
Boardworks Kraken 11’ 240lbs 199L 11’ 32” 27lbs $ 1749
Boardworks Sōlr 10’6 230lbs 192L 10’6 32” 26lbs $ 1099
Boardworks Triton 10’6 240lbs 224L 10’6” 33” $ 1229
Boardworks Triton 11’6 260lbs 236L 11’6” 34” $ 1299
Blu Wave Armada 10’6 265lbs 221L 10’6” 34” 30lbs $  999
Blu Wave Woody 10’6 220lbs 168L 10’6” 31” 27lbs $ 1499
Blu Wave Woody 12’ 250lbs 206L 12’ 32” 30lbs $ 1599
Blu Wave Wave Rider 10’6 200lbs 168L 10’6” 31” 27lbs $ 1250
Blu Wave Wave Rider 11’6” 240lbs 198L 11’6” 32” 30lbs $ 1350

Touring/ Performance recreational     ( Displacement hull)

Boardworks Raven 12’6 275lbs 284L 12’6” 29” 30lbs $ 1949
Boardworks Chinook 12’6 275lbs 286L 12’6” 29” 30lbs $1909
Blu Wave Armada 10’8 215lbs 188L 10’8” 32” 28lbs $  999
Blu Wave Armada 11’6 225lbs 219L 11’6” 31” 30lbs $ 1199
Blu Wave Armada 11’6 Wood 225lbs 219L 11’6” 31” $ 1399
Blu Wave Catalina 12 240lbs 285L 12’6” 30” 32lbs $ 1799
Blu Wave Fathom 12’6 220lbs 250L 12’6” 28” $ 1899

Race  fast, efficient boards that are likely your second board but if ability allows could be your first

Blu Wave Carbon Race 14 249L 14’ 26” 27lbs $2195

Inflatable      easily transported, puts up with abuse, easily stored

Boardworks Shubu Kraken 11’ 250lbs 286L 11’0” 33” $ 1359
Boardworks Shubu Muse 10’2 215lbs 236L 10’2” 31” $ 1299
Blu Wave All Sport 10’10 215lbs 245L 10’10” 31” $ 1199
Blu Wave All Sport 10’10EV 265lbs 285L 10’10” 33” $ 1249
Red Paddle Ride 10’6 220lbs 240L 10’6” 32” 22lbs $ 1449
Red Paddle Ride 10’8 265lbs 270L 10’8” 34” 23lbs $ 1549
Red Paddle Sport 11’3 242lbs 260L 11’3” 32” 22lbs $ 1699
Red Paddle Voyager 12’6 330lbs 370L 12’6” 32” 24lbs $ 1799

A few questions to consider:

What is the main use for your board? Yoga? Touring? Fun? Are you looking for a cottage toy or something to get you in shape? Do you want to paddle for long periods of time?

Buying your first board is a big investment and we want to make sure you get exactly what is best for you and what makes you happy! Here are a few tips from us to get you on the water.

Recreational SUP (usually a planing hull)

This is the category you want if you’re looking to play around on your board and have fun. It’s perfect for the cottage and easy to use by anyone at any age (including your dog). These boards can be purchased a little wider if you are looking for more stability and easier to paddle. A lot of people are doing yoga on these boards for an extra challenge.  This recreational category are generally plaining hulls ( boards that look like surf boards) and as such have a shape that can make them fun to spin.

Touring SUP (volume board)

This category is for people looking to spend an afternoon on their board or possibly multi-day trips. These boards are typically longer and narrower to keep you tracking better. Most will have tie down options for bringing along gear. You may also choose this board style to accommodate greater weight without sacrificing performance as they are a little narrower than recreational boards.


You know you want an inflatable if one of the following applies to you: you live in an apartment and have limited storage, you own a boat and have limited storage or concerned about fiberglass board on my deck , you want to hike your board into some back country lakes and lastly you travel and want to take the board with me.

Inflatables are surprisingly stiff and while not quite as quick on the water offer lots of advantages.

Race SUP

These boards are fast and light. They are long and lean and are what are called displacement boards, meaning they are deeper (up to 6 ”) with higher volumes. A race board is narrower than recreational models making it faster . They will also have a pointier nose to cut through waves. Some designs will have a drop down section where you stand to bring your centre of gravity down for increased stability.